Uniday Studio

A Game about Vikings versus Saxons, but from a safe spot...
This is just me testing pygame on a browser
Play in browser
A Roguelite game that you control a growing up plant and the enemies are the farmers trying to harvest you.
Role Playing
Dynami is a Simple 2D Game Engine scriptable in Python.
Watch your steps! The miner's ghosts will repeat them and turn your game into a true bullet hell!
An easy 3D desktop Game Engine scriptable in Python.
The Looper's Path is a short puzzle game where you control Looper, a robot who has self-cloning powers.
Anarchy in the Island is a calm and relaxing game where you can build your own Island.
Kill them all while you hear other people thoughts about the game!
A Tower Defense mixed with Card Games.
Card Game
Made in 72h for Ludum Dare